Nick Canger
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

About Nick

 Country music these days has been flooded with young men and women alike that are all aspiring to be the next George Strait or Reba. With so many newcomers on the radio its hard to distinguish one from the other at times. There has been a need and a want from listeners recently to hear something different, someone that's not so "pop-country."  Look no further, now presenting Nick Canger.

        Nick was born and raised in a small town in Northern Idaho. Nick's father was a pastor by night and a logger by day.  Nick's dad used to play guitar and sing to Nick as he was growing up, this is where Nick drew his curiosity in music. From the time he could stand he was grabbing anything that resembled a guitar and singing (there are videos to prove it!!!). As Nick got older he played at small venues and coffee shops until he felt he was ready for the move to the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville was his home for eight years, playing, writing and further developing his skill set.

Nick spent time in Nashville learning from people like Tommy Barnes, Walker Hayes, Micheal Peterson, Ray Golden, and many, many more. Nick played downtown on Broadway, in rounds, headlining shows, Mule Days, and so many more events. Nick recorded and released an old Tim McGraw song that was written by Tommy Barnes called, "When She Wakes Up and Finds Me Gone" which had great success overseas with its release.

        While working and living in Nashville, Nick found that he was having great success and great connections back home in Idaho. Nick's love of the northwest, the mountains, rivers, family, and his faithful following was too much to resist. It was then that Nick decided it was time to come home. He packed up his life in Tennessee and hit the road.

        To date, Nick has played with Gary Chapman, Micheal Peterson, Jason Michael Carrol, Luke Yates, and many more. You can hear Nick on your radio, in the hearts and on the tongues of his fans young and old. Our troops have sang Nick's songs overseas, as Nick is a huge supporter of our men and women in uniform. You can follow Nick's music on ITunes, YouTube, Facebook, ReverbNation, and possibly a venue near you! When he is not singing you can find him, fishing on the banks of many lakes and streams, atop a high mountain bugling elk in early September, or on his favorite horse "Yeller" singing "I Should Have Been A Cowboy".

Nick's family has ranch in Eastern Washington where he loves to ride his horses and write music. As Nick has matured he has found his niche in country music somewhere between George Strait and Chris Young. Nick has a deep love for classic country and despite the pulling of the modern country that has flooded the world and ears of so many these days, Nick has remained true to his heart and his lifestyle. Nick has made it his passion to sing straight from his heart no matter what he is singing. This passion can be felt while he is on stage or through his recordings. Whether it's a song that he has written, or singing an old Garth Brooks song, Nick leaves his heart on the stage every time he sings. The future is so bright for this young man! If you haven't heard him yet, you are missing out on one of Country Music's best new acts.